Where to begin?

I have tried to start a blog before and failed, then I tried to start another one and failed again. So why am I trying again you ask, well I don’t really know. Just kinda felt like it. How do I know it will work this time? I don’t. I do know one thing though and that’s that the last time’s I tried to start one I tried to sound all proper, you know good grammar and all. Well that’s not how I talk, so I decided this time I would try it but type it the way I talk. So far I’m not having issues coming up with ways to put things and things to say. So we shall see, but if this blog dies shortly after starting it I will no longer be trying. ha!

So anyhow, now where do I begin.

Well, Small Warrior is just now getting into preschool age but we have been working on things, well pretty much since he was born. Right now all we do is a few work books, watch Leapfrog videos, play games, I have a few apps on the Kindle Fire he uses and everyday life. He is starting to show a little interest in reading but I don’t think he is quite ready for it. One Sock loves to do as his brother so he knows pretty much too. He loves letters and numbers so we play a lot with the magnetic ones on the fridge. He also loves the game where I will say a letter and sound then he says the following one and it’s sound. He’s really good with it too. I don’t do any formal work with them yet, I figure there will be plenty of time to do that kind of stuff later on down the road if need be. Right now we just have fun with it. I do usually keep the mornings for more learning type of activities mostly because they are in better moods in the first half of the day. The second half I don’t push anything if they are not feeling it.

So feel free to follow along in our journey in homeschooling.


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