Nothing really new.

Nothing really new has happened. We have been mostly working on mastering the skills that Small Warrior already knows. You know, the A says Aahh and the B says Buh kind of thing. Or, counting and recognizing numbers 0-30.  I did get a calendar set up to start working on understanding the days, months and seasons of the year.  I also put up a shapes poster for One Sock, Small Warrior already knows all his shapes even though it never hurts to review.

Excuse the crookedness of the calendar, One Sock was having fun point, pulling and turning the numbers as he said them.


shapes poster











One Sock has really started to flourish, and I must say I am really enjoying watching him grow. To see the light bulb click on and get brighter in his eyes is really something. He’s always been on the slower end of the normal spectrum when it comes to moving and talking and I don’t think it’s because he doesn’t “get” it, I think he does, he’s just takes his time and is a little more cautious. He has known his ABC’s and could count to 10 by 18 months but those were the only “words” he would say. Now at 2.3 year’s old he say’s many words, only about half are understandable but it’s a marked improvement and he doesn’t seem so cautious to try new things.

The one thing I have already gotten to see with homeschooling is that when they get something you can see it. That look in their eyes or on their face that they understand. I LOVE this! That I can be apart of this and their learning.

What is one things you just absolutely love about homeschooling, or just teaching your child? In a way we all school our children. 😉


One thought on “Nothing really new.

  1. I agree with you. I love watching how my sons are learning and excited about new things. By homeschooling, I’ve been able to tag along to some of the classes we take at the nature center. When we first started going, my five-year-old was very reserved and cautious (he was 4). Now I’m having to talk to him about interrupting in class! I love seeing how he’s blossomed. He’s totally in his element when he’s out on those trails. He doesn’t need me there at all anymore.

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