Waiting for warmer days…..

And waiting…….. We got a little sneak peek at summer a few weeks back and now, back to 40-50 deg weather.  I am a seasonal person, when it’s cold and dreary, like today, I get almost nothing done. We do the bare minimum, you know the laundry that NEEDS to be done or the cleaning that can’t be put off any longer. The only thing that seems to happen is book reading, so I guess it’s not a total loss. Even though the kids can’t read to themselves (which I can’t wait to happen) they do enjoy sitting down and flipping through books. I will also read to them, and while I love to read to the kids, I LOVE to read my books on my Kindle and tune the rest of the world out. I would read all day if I could.

So even though I am enjoying getting to read I am waiting for warmer weather. I love to open the windows, take the kids outside, plant in the garden and many other things that can’t be done in colder weather. What kind of weather is your favorite?


One thought on “Waiting for warmer days…..

  1. My favorite weather is what we’re having now – 70s, 80s. But don’t be jealous. When you get your spring, it’ll be so hot here that we’ll be driven back indoors!!

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