New school materials

Small Warrior has been doing a few new school things. One being Explode the Code or rather “Get Ready for the Code” and “Get Set for the Code”. He enjoys doing these but only in small increments.  He is not much of a workbook kind of kid, he likes using the computer or App’s on the Kindle.  So we also signed up for ABCMouse. He really enjoys this, we used to have Starfall and while the kids loved it they had been through it left and right and I think it was time for a change. One Sock also enjoys getting on ABCMouse but needs help with the mouse so I do the things with him more so than Small Warrior who likes me to sit with him while he’s doing it but does not want me to work the mouse for him.

Gamma has also been helping Small Warrior with his “writing” (even though it’s still more just tracing at this point). This is one of the things that I love about homeschooling, Gamma can be involved. The kids love spending time with her and she with them. Gamma has also been a tutor for many years and taught many adults to read and write, helped younger kids with school work so she is a natural. I think she likes that I have invited her to help with their schooling too.

What are some of your favorite items/programs to use?


One thought on “New school materials

  1. I envy you having Gamma! My MIL just went home, and I was wishing she would move here so that she could be involved more. We use Starfall, but I’ll have to check out ABCMouse. When my eldest son was older, I wrote a blog post and listed many of the apps he used to use. We haven’t been using apps or the computer much this past year, and my two-year-old seems to be all thumbs with the iPod, unlike how his brother was. It’s funny how you ebb and flow from one thing to another.

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