Swimming and Water towers

Small Warrior has been doing swim lessons and LOVES it. I thought he might, the kid is always in a mud puddle or turning on the spigot.  He also tries to “swim” in the tub.
He is also excelling at ABCMouse.com, we moved him up to the next level.  He loves playing on it. He would play on it all day if I let him but I also feel it is important to be involved in other things. Even if those other things are just playing in a dirt pile outside. It’s amazing how curious an almost 4 year old is! The other day we were driving home from swim lessons and we passed a water tower, he was amazed at how tall it was. Then asked what it was and all kinds of questions, now my knowledge on them was limited I understood the about how they worked just not all the details. I was able to answer all his questions with the little bit I knew but it got me thinking, this would be a great opportunity for me to learn more too. So when we got home I looked up information on them, I learned quite a bit. Next time we pass another one (which shouldn’t be long, they’re everywhere) I can share more info with him.