Back to School?

What is back to school? We have not been apart of that. 😀 Not even just because we homeschool but also because Small Warrior is just now Pre-K age. He is doing some K work but not a lot, he seems to be right on track, not that I really know what that is but he’s on track where I’d like him to be. I have noticed though that since starting homeschool, extracurricular activities and just life stuff I need to find a way to organize myself a little bit better. Then I found this blog, The Mommy Mess,  and they are giving away a planner, even though I don’t think I’ll win it I may get one any how. 😀 I’m gonna need something before I start really forgetting things. What do you use to stay organized?


5 thoughts on “Back to School?

  1. I found this article today about pre-k and kindergarten that really affirmed for me that at this age, we just need to give our kids freedom to create and play! You might be interested in it too.

    But, like you, I also realized I need to start keeping track of stuff we do, and this next year we’ll be official homeschoolers – I just filed my declaration of intent to homeschool! Last year I did all this (link below) to keep track of what we did, and I think I’ll follow the same kind of bookkeeping this year. Basically, I just kept a chart and checked off subjects we covered, and I kept an excel spreadsheet on the books we read. I also wrote a brief, weekly “journal,” but at the end of the year I realized that the journal I kept wasn’t as necessary for me because I write so much on my blog, which is journal enough, but I’ll probably keep some kind of journal for a keepsakes anyway. Here is that post:

    Good luck!!

    • Thank you! I read it and I agree, I try not to force anything on my oldest at this age. If he wants to do “school” work we do, such as worksheets or computer time, but if he doesn’t then we just play. Most days he spends all his time outside with his brother, this is their favorite. I figure let them as much as they want since it will be too cold soon enough. I started the blog to “practice” keeping track of what we do so when I do have to do the end of year assessments it won’t be too hard to get in the habit. This year I have just felt so forgetful, I have no idea why, third kid, more things to do, third kid, oh wait did I say that already. 😉 I will be checking out your post. Thanks for the ideas!

      • I don’t even have three kids – only two – and I feel so forgetful too! I keep a detailed to-do list just so when I’m feeling brainless, I have a compass to point me at what to tackle next! (Though most of the time I’m too tired!) I’m nervous about starting a more structured homeschool. I’m not sure how it’ll pan out. I’m hoping we’ll just find a rhythm at some point!

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