Preparing for spring

What do you do to prepare for spring?  Lots of people I know see this time of the year as the time to enroll their children in school for the next year. My oldest is 4 and all the other parents of kids his age are signing them up for Kindergarten. Others I know start planning on vacations this summer, or swimming lessons for their kids. Me? I start gearing up for my garden, what to plant, where to plant it and what to add to my ever growing garden. I get seeds started indoors. I also get more chickens, chicks, chicks and more chicks. We will be doing 15 meat birds then 15 layers and then another round of 15 meats, oh and about 6 turkeys. Also on the list is getting our hogs, we will be getting 4 this year, we will be selling half and whole hogs this Fall. The hogs will be here at the beginning of March.

I will not be enrolling my 4 year old in Kindergarten, we homeschool and we do all year round. There is no summer break here, why you ask, well let me tell ya. 😉 We take off a week here or a week there, running a farm while Hondo works a full time job takes a lot of extra time. So we don’t do school when we get really busy, such as Spring and Fall. Plus Small Warrior is only 4, how much structured school does he really need? My opinion, not really any at all. He learns so much by being in the garden with me, feeding the animals and just every day life.

So back to my original question, what do you do to prepare for spring?

day old chicks

Day old chicks


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