Spring is here, right?

It’s March 25th and spring is in full swing here at Raising Egg’s Farm. We have our piglets, meat chickens (which will be ready in another week for butcher), our laying chicks came in today, seeds started indoors and a new farm dog. However mother nature has not taken the hint, she’s still stuck in winter mode. I am ready for her to switch to spring mode though, our yard is a muddy mucky mess (which is not so great with a new puppy, who is white might I add). It makes all the farm chores a bummer, not fun like they would be if it were at least 50 deg and sunny. It makes it more expensive as I have to keep heating on the outside animals and their water, I have to buy straw (which I do even through the summer for bedding but 3x’s the amount in winter) and trekking water to all the waterers is a big pain. I can’t roll out the hose to fill their waterers I have to take pitchers back and fourth to fill them. So basically what I’m saying is I’m ready for it to warm up, even just a little would be great. It doesn’t have to be 80 deg the 60’s would be better than the 30’s. What’s the weather like where you live?




Egg Laying Chicks


new farm dog


my view outside today



The Romeike Family

This family lived in Germany and came to the United States because of homeschooling. They were threatened with fines, removal of their children and possible imprisonment for homeschooling their children.  I would write a long post about this but I can’t say it any better or give you more information than the HSLDA site can so read this link


Here are a few more blogs/articles that have written about it:

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and sign the petition to help this family.


Aspartame in Milk?

Why in the world would we want to add something fake to our milk? Isn’t our milk processed enough? Here in Ohio I can’t get raw milk without buying into a heardshare which the closest one is not so close or owning my own cow (which I’ve been thinking about). It’s illegal to sell raw milk by the container. Our food products these days are getting further from real food. It’s sad and sickening. All the dyes and fake products that the FDA allows into our food, aren’t they supposed to protect us and our food? So now IDFA and the NMPF are petitioning the FDA to allow Aspartame in our milk WITHOUT having to label it. You can read the article here and sign the petition here to NOT allow it in our dairy products.


Oink is what my kids respond with if you ask them what a pig says. Why they say Oink I have no idea, sure all the toys or kids videos tell them that a pig says oink but my kids know first hand what a pig sounds like. Every spring we get pigs to raise for meat, we go to a local guy who breeds them and sells them for kids doing 4H fairs or people like us who raise them just to butcher in the fall. I have never once heard one of the pigs say “oink”, I’d probably do a double take if one did though. They do however make all kinds of other noises, they grunt, squeal, squeak, this chatter thing (my favorite noise) and all kinds in between these. I love having the pigs and when fall does come around it can be a little sad to load them up in the trailer knowing what happens next but thats the plan from day one and have you ever seen full grown pigs? They are HUGE! Like 700lbs huge, we only let ours get to about 300lbs and they eat a lot at that size so I can’t even imagine how much they eat at 700lbs.

Do you raise any animals, food or not? I’d love to hear about it!