Let’s make butter!

Who wants butter!? That yummy golden delicious creamy butter! I’m a little spoiled, I have a cow. Oh didn’t I tell you? What’s that you say, I’ve been missing? No, I’ve been here, where have you been? Oh the lack of posts? Um yeah, sorry about that. Let me make it up to you with butter! šŸ™‚ So as I said I now have my own cow, jealous? She is a sweet thing and gives me sweet milk which I turn into butter, cheese and a few other dairy products. Let’s just stick with the butter for now, I’ll show you cheese later.

First get your supplies:

cream (I use raw cream and leave it sit on the counter for 12-30 hr depending on how warm it is in the house, I like mine to culture a bit before churning)
food processor, stand mixer, or the good ole fashioned shaking
spatula/wood spoon
bowl (non aluminum)
container for buttermilk
container or parchment paper for butter


Now add cream to processor and turn on, now don’t go far this won’t take long. If using mixer this will take about 10 so go ahead and check on those kiddos. If shaking give the jar to the kids. šŸ™‚


A little secret here, when the level of the cream seems to drop about half then you know it’s almost done. This is the point where it turns to whipped cream. Can you see it?


Here is your butter and buttermilk. Now this is traditional buttermilk, not the thick stuff you buy from the store, this is the REAL deal!


I use my spatula to pull out all the butter I can before using a strainer to strain the butter from the buttermilk.



Now it’s time to wash your butter, I know sounds odd. Who washes their butter?! We’ll let me put it this way, if you don’t your butter will go bad much faster. We don’t really want our butter to go bad now do we; all that golden, delicious goodness.

See the cloudy water? We want that to be mostly clear. Buttermilk stays in the butter where water kinda just beads out of it. So the water will mix in with the buttermilk and help wash it away.


There, that’s better!


Squeeze out most of the water, if you don’t get it all that’s ok. If it bothers you, you can put it in a jar and in the fridge, once it hardens some then you can squeeze more out if you’d like.
Put your butter and buttermilk in jars, label and in the fridge, or you can freeze the butter and stock up for when your cow is dry. šŸ˜‰


Enjoy that yumminess! I make pancakes the next day after making butter so I can use the buttermilk in them. YUM!


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