About Us

My Husband (we’ll just call him Hondo) and we decided to educate our children at home. We have 3 children, Small Warrior who is 4 years old, One Sock who is 3 years old and So Serious who is 20 months old. We live in the country and love every moment of it. It takes us longer to get to the store than most others but in turn we get to watch the cows come up over the back 50 with the frost on the ground and their breath in the air, we get to raise chickens, pigs and turkeys. We have a pond to go fishing whenever our fancy strikes and we can be as loud as we want (more so the kids than Hondo and I).

This is my husband, Hondo. I choose the name Hondo for him because he is a lover of all things John Wayne. Hondo is the name of one of John Wayne’s characters and is also the name of the movie. If you have never seen it, do. I like John Wayne too, hubby got me hooked. Hondo works hard for our family so that I can stay home with the kids and homeschool them. I am so thankful for this and him.

I will call myself Wrangler, well because I wrangle just about everything in our lives. The kids, the animals, the house, the farm and yes sometimes hubby. 😉 I love my husband & my kids ferociously but I also love to cook, bake and farm.

This is Small Warrior, our oldest and he is 4 years old. His favorite show is Little Bear, he gives lots of hugs and kisses and is a wonderful big brother. He also loves to be outside all day no matter the weather.  Small Warrior and my mom are reason I was inspired to homeschool, I had heard of it before but never really thought “oh, I can do that!”. My mom asked if I had thought about homeschooling, that she thought I would do great at it. Then Small Warrior started getting older and we worked on shapes, colors and letters and he was learning all this stuff and I thought “why can’t I”. I couldn’t think of one reason why I couldn’t be our kids teacher. I had to convince Hondo at first but now he is fully on board.

This is One Sock, he is 3 years old. He got his nickname from always removing one sock. Creative, I know. He is a spunky boy to say the least, he loves to play by himself as well with his brother. He is very sweet to his little sister, always bringing her a toy. He loves anything that has to do with numbers and letters. His favorite shows are the Leapfrog Factory movies. He loves to look through books and run around outside.

This is So Serious, she is 20 months old. She got her nickname since most of the time she is so serious, it takes a lot of work to get just one smile. She loves to be held and loves attention from her big brothers. Other than that she is a pretty content little girl. I can’t wait to see her personality come out.


3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Lovely site I am looking forward to your wisdom in all areas of a farm life. We are downsizing our life to live a simple life. My daughter is home online through a charter school and doing well but I am always looking to supplement her education in practical ways. Also, in the future I hope to be either off grid or part off grid or in a smaller sustainable home. We are currently going organic and so I have garden before but only with my mom-in-law I really want to do it on my terms. My gratitude is yours for sharing your life so that I can come away with knowledge for my family. Allie

    • Awe, Thanks! Farming is a wonderful thing, we are not off the grid but the less we depend on big corporations the closer we get. I was not always a farm girl, I grew up in the suburbs but the last 3 years the hubs and I have learned a lot!

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