Oink is what my kids respond with if you ask them what a pig says. Why they say Oink I have no idea, sure all the toys or kids videos tell them that a pig says oink but my kids know first hand what a pig sounds like. Every spring we get pigs to raise for meat, we go to a local guy who breeds them and sells them for kids doing 4H fairs or people like us who raise them just to butcher in the fall. I have never once heard one of the pigs say “oink”, I’d probably do a double take if one did though. They do however make all kinds of other noises, they grunt, squeal, squeak, this chatter thing (my favorite noise) and all kinds in between these. I love having the pigs and when fall does come around it can be a little sad to load them up in the trailer knowing what happens next but thats the plan from day one and have you ever seen full grown pigs? They are HUGE! Like 700lbs huge, we only let ours get to about 300lbs and they eat a lot at that size so I can’t even imagine how much they eat at 700lbs.

Do you raise any animals, food or not? I’d love to hear about it!





Fall time. aaaaaahhhhhh, my absolute favorite. The kids really seem to like it too, they can go outside and play pretty much all day without getting too hot or cold. However Fall is also our busiest time of the year, this is the time when animals need to be processed (taken to the butcher, or butchered by us), the garden needs to be readied for winter and I try to get some fresh mulch and yard work done so when spring comes I’m not scrambling in between rains. The 2 hogs we had have been taken to the butcher and now our freezer is full of pork, we also processed 10 chickens ourselves. Small Warrior got quite a few good lessons in that: PE – chasing the chickens to catch them, Religion –  thanking God and the chicken for its meat and eggs it had given us plus death, Biology – learning the parts of the chicken (lungs, heart, intestines, etc.), Nutrition – what the fat was and why I was removing it, Math – counting heads and feet, History – which came first the chicken or egg, Trade – learning how we process our own food. We also processed our own turkeys this year too. We find lessons all around us, driving to the store the other day we passed all kinds of combines and tractors harvesting corn and soybean. So Small Warrior asked lots of questions (he was more upset over them cutting the corn down then butchering chickens). It really doesn’t matter if you live in the country or in an urban area, there are things to learn all around us. What kind of things do you find around you to learn?


one of the turkeys we raised and processed


pork chops from our pigs