Christmas cookies!

Cookies again you say?! Why yes, yes I did. 😀 I love cookies, I can’t help myself. This time though I made them with almond flavoring instead of vanilla, same with the icing. SOOO GOOD!! I use my favorite recipe for cutouts which you can find here,  just switch out the vanilla for almond (unless you’d rather have the vanilla well then by all means). I like both ways! The royal icing recipe I use is on Sweetopia‘s blog, here is the link. I’m not saying this is the best way to make cutouts, it’s just my favorite way. Cutouts are time consuming but oh so worth it in the end. Now for a few pictures of my cookies. 😀

xmas cookie1

xmas cookie2

xmas cookie3

xmas cookie4

xmas cookie5

xmas cookie6

xmas cookie7

xmas cookie8

xmas cookie9

xmas cookie10

xmas cookie11

xmas cookie12

xmas cookie13


Thanksgiving cookies

Who doesn’t love cookies! Ok, I’m sure there is someone who doesn’t like cookies but not in this house. I love decorating them even more than I love eating them. And even though sugar cookies are a lot of work they are also one of my favorites to bake, so many options!  So for Thanksgiving I made some Turkey cookies and Leaf cookies. I’m happy to say they were a big hit. 😀 The idea was not mine though, I tend to steal borrow ideas. I got the idea from Sweetopia, LOVE her blog.

Marbled Maple Leaf

Veined Maple and Oak Leaves