Living off the land

Part of living off the land is growing our own garden; we also raise our own pigs, chickens, and turkeys. Another part of it though is hunting, my husband hunts for deer every year, I will be learning to hunt myself this year. We really enjoy raising and hunting for our own meat. I know that this meat has not been tainted by humans, I know that my daughter and sons are not going to get extra hormones that are not needed and possibly harmful. I know that hunting is not for everyone, heck at one point I didn’t have any desire to hunt. The more I live off my land the more I want to. I enjoy knowing that my husband and I have provided for our family the way our ancestors did. So the last few days I have been busy in the kitchen, grinding venison.

ground venison

Do you try to live off the land, if so how? I’d love to learn how others do it too. 😀