Back to School?

What is back to school? We have not been apart of that. 😀 Not even just because we homeschool but also because Small Warrior is just now Pre-K age. He is doing some K work but not a lot, he seems to be right on track, not that I really know what that is but he’s on track where I’d like him to be. I have noticed though that since starting homeschool, extracurricular activities and just life stuff I need to find a way to organize myself a little bit better. Then I found this blog, The Mommy Mess,  and they are giving away a planner, even though I don’t think I’ll win it I may get one any how. 😀 I’m gonna need something before I start really forgetting things. What do you use to stay organized?


Swimming and Water towers

Small Warrior has been doing swim lessons and LOVES it. I thought he might, the kid is always in a mud puddle or turning on the spigot.  He also tries to “swim” in the tub.
He is also excelling at, we moved him up to the next level.  He loves playing on it. He would play on it all day if I let him but I also feel it is important to be involved in other things. Even if those other things are just playing in a dirt pile outside. It’s amazing how curious an almost 4 year old is! The other day we were driving home from swim lessons and we passed a water tower, he was amazed at how tall it was. Then asked what it was and all kinds of questions, now my knowledge on them was limited I understood the about how they worked just not all the details. I was able to answer all his questions with the little bit I knew but it got me thinking, this would be a great opportunity for me to learn more too. So when we got home I looked up information on them, I learned quite a bit. Next time we pass another one (which shouldn’t be long, they’re everywhere) I can share more info with him.

Waiting for warmer days…..

And waiting…….. We got a little sneak peek at summer a few weeks back and now, back to 40-50 deg weather.  I am a seasonal person, when it’s cold and dreary, like today, I get almost nothing done. We do the bare minimum, you know the laundry that NEEDS to be done or the cleaning that can’t be put off any longer. The only thing that seems to happen is book reading, so I guess it’s not a total loss. Even though the kids can’t read to themselves (which I can’t wait to happen) they do enjoy sitting down and flipping through books. I will also read to them, and while I love to read to the kids, I LOVE to read my books on my Kindle and tune the rest of the world out. I would read all day if I could.

So even though I am enjoying getting to read I am waiting for warmer weather. I love to open the windows, take the kids outside, plant in the garden and many other things that can’t be done in colder weather. What kind of weather is your favorite?

Nothing really new.

Nothing really new has happened. We have been mostly working on mastering the skills that Small Warrior already knows. You know, the A says Aahh and the B says Buh kind of thing. Or, counting and recognizing numbers 0-30.  I did get a calendar set up to start working on understanding the days, months and seasons of the year.  I also put up a shapes poster for One Sock, Small Warrior already knows all his shapes even though it never hurts to review.

Excuse the crookedness of the calendar, One Sock was having fun point, pulling and turning the numbers as he said them.


shapes poster











One Sock has really started to flourish, and I must say I am really enjoying watching him grow. To see the light bulb click on and get brighter in his eyes is really something. He’s always been on the slower end of the normal spectrum when it comes to moving and talking and I don’t think it’s because he doesn’t “get” it, I think he does, he’s just takes his time and is a little more cautious. He has known his ABC’s and could count to 10 by 18 months but those were the only “words” he would say. Now at 2.3 year’s old he say’s many words, only about half are understandable but it’s a marked improvement and he doesn’t seem so cautious to try new things.

The one thing I have already gotten to see with homeschooling is that when they get something you can see it. That look in their eyes or on their face that they understand. I LOVE this! That I can be apart of this and their learning.

What is one things you just absolutely love about homeschooling, or just teaching your child? In a way we all school our children. 😉

Where to begin?

I have tried to start a blog before and failed, then I tried to start another one and failed again. So why am I trying again you ask, well I don’t really know. Just kinda felt like it. How do I know it will work this time? I don’t. I do know one thing though and that’s that the last time’s I tried to start one I tried to sound all proper, you know good grammar and all. Well that’s not how I talk, so I decided this time I would try it but type it the way I talk. So far I’m not having issues coming up with ways to put things and things to say. So we shall see, but if this blog dies shortly after starting it I will no longer be trying. ha!

So anyhow, now where do I begin.

Well, Small Warrior is just now getting into preschool age but we have been working on things, well pretty much since he was born. Right now all we do is a few work books, watch Leapfrog videos, play games, I have a few apps on the Kindle Fire he uses and everyday life. He is starting to show a little interest in reading but I don’t think he is quite ready for it. One Sock loves to do as his brother so he knows pretty much too. He loves letters and numbers so we play a lot with the magnetic ones on the fridge. He also loves the game where I will say a letter and sound then he says the following one and it’s sound. He’s really good with it too. I don’t do any formal work with them yet, I figure there will be plenty of time to do that kind of stuff later on down the road if need be. Right now we just have fun with it. I do usually keep the mornings for more learning type of activities mostly because they are in better moods in the first half of the day. The second half I don’t push anything if they are not feeling it.

So feel free to follow along in our journey in homeschooling.