Raw Milk

Raw milk is a delicious food. Food you say? Yes! Raw milk is a food not just a beverage. A good source of raw milk from a trusted farmer is a healthy addition to your diet. Do your research on your farmer, visit their farm meet the cows. Here are a few good sites to read on raw milk (no need for me to repeat what has already been done so well).




I used to drink a TON of milk, the pasteurized store bought kind. Organic milks are not any better as they are UHT (ultra high temp) pasteurized and make the milk sterile. My stomach would cramp and complain every time I did, but I loved milk so I kept drinking even in pain. I had no idea I was lactose intolerant because as a kid I didn’t have this issue but the older I got the worse it got. So I researched….. found that raw milk does not cause issues like it’s pasteurized version. I found a local farmer who sold herdshares (so I could legally get raw milk) and bought one to try out. AH!!! My stomach pains went away! We have a small farm of our own with pigs and chickens so what was one little ole milk cow. 🙂





I got a milk cow! Her name is Mistletoe but we call her Missy for short. We got her at Christmas time so that is how her name was picked. She is a Jersey cow.

Right now she is dried off and her calf is due any day!! I’m so excited!

There are so many things you can do with raw milk. Make cheeses and butter! It never really goes bad just turns into something else like clabbered milk. When it gets to that point or even sooner since we always have a fresh supply each day (why not drink the freshest) I throw whats left to the pigs. It cuts down on my feed costs for them and they LOVE it! So while I understand not everyone can get their own cow you can find a herdshare that might work for you.  We will more than likely offer them in the near future.

Happy Milking!!