The Difference Between Then and Now

Do you remember before you became a parent? How you swore your kids would do this or that, or not do this or that. For example, when you would be walking through the store and see some toddler throw him/herself on the ground and refuse to budge. You thought my kid will NOT act like that, they will know better.  Fast forward and there you are, your kid rolling around on the ground crying and no amount of persuading or threatening is working. You roll all your options through your mind, but in the end the only thing that seems to work is pick up your kid, kicking and screaming, and go.  Some parents just leave the store while others, including myself, finish shopping with screaming toddler in cart. Now the difference between before kids and now is I never judge another parent for the way they parent their children, and I realize that something you would’ve done then and now can be two totally different things.  We grow and change as people, as parents.


When I originally decided to homeschool I had a vision in my head of how I was going to do it. Now granted Small Warrior is only 3.5 years old so we are still at the very beginning, but I had envisioned him sitting at the desk and us working on worksheets or something of that nature. Anyone who has or has had a 3.5 year old knows this is not always possible. You may get your 3.5 year old to sit for a few minutes but not for very long before they have something else they want to do.  So even though we have just started homeschooling I have already had to change my tactics.  Boys I have learned, at least mine, do better with playing games rather than worksheets. Which is way more fun.  So I learned a lesson myself, as above, remember things can change and it’s ok. Things don’t have to be as you envisioned, they may even be better.


What things have you changed between then and now?