Mickey Mouse Cake

It’s my middle child’s 3rd Birthday,  oh how time flies. Seems just like yesterday I was bringing him home. He was always such a cranky little thing, he has grown so much  he still has his moments but he is so quick  and  smart. I am amazed at how much a child can learn and grow in 3 short years. Did you know ( I know you don’t so I’m gonna tell ya 😉 ) he knew his alphabet letters and sounds before he even said any words at 18 months, the pediatrician didn’t believe it till I showed her. He is still obsessed with anything that has letters or numbers in it. Mickey Mouse is also his favorite character, he gets so  excited with anything he is on.  So the cake to make for his birthday was a no brainer.  I got the idea from Sweet Pudgy Panda, she doesn’t have a blog but she has FaceBook and a Flickr account. I changed up my cake a little  from hers but I got the inspiration from her. She has some seriously beautiful cakes! Anyhow here are pics of  One Sock’s Mickey Mouse Cake.


JJ  Cake 4 JJ Cake 5 JJ Cake2 JJ Cake3