Fall Cake

I don’t eat much cake, not sure why. I like cupcakes better, I know it’s silly. Anyhow I like to decorate cakes better than cupcakes, you know, bigger work area. For a family get together this fall I made a cake, since it wasn’t a special occasion you know like a birthday or holiday I just went with time of year. Fall!  So here is my fall cake. It’s was just a simple chocolate cake, buttercream icing with a ribbon around the bottom and fondant leaves.

Fall Cake


Thanksgiving cookies

Who doesn’t love cookies! Ok, I’m sure there is someone who doesn’t like cookies but not in this house. I love decorating them even more than I love eating them. And even though sugar cookies are a lot of work they are also one of my favorites to bake, so many options!  So for Thanksgiving I made some Turkey cookies and Leaf cookies. I’m happy to say they were a big hit. 😀 The idea was not mine though, I tend to steal borrow ideas. I got the idea from Sweetopia, LOVE her blog.

Marbled Maple Leaf

Veined Maple and Oak Leaves


Is this a different blog?

Why yes it is, sorta. This used to be Country Homeschool, however I have decided to branch out. There wasn’t a lot for me to post about with just homeschooling, you know since my kids are just 4, 2.5 and 16 months. Their homeschooling mostly consists of playing, and while that’s great for them and fun for me it just doesn’t make for great posts. 😀 So I’m expanding, I am going to start including the other things in our lives. All the farm things we do, all my cooking I love and my favorite, my baking. I hope you’ll still join us with all my new changes.